Community Task Forces

Elder abuse is a serious issue that undermines the well-being and healthy aging of valued members of our communities on a daily basis. We believe that prevention at the local level is a key component in combating elder abuse.

Among other things, the Elder Abuse Prevention Project’s preventative efforts include developing a model community-wide response to elder abuse that can be replicated in communities across the state.

Since January 2014, we have helped form the Arlington Elder Abuse Task Force, the Cambridge Elder Abuse Prevention Coalition, the Woburn Elder Abuse Prevention Task Force, the Boston Elder Abuse Prevention Coalition, the Quincy Elder Abuse Prevention Program, and have begun working with provider groups in Malden.  In addition, we have partnered with Hebrew Senior Life, which operates in eleven communities in Greater Boston, to train residents and staff on elder abuse prevention.

In each town and city, we have partnered with other community members who interact with and have trust relationships with older adults, ranging from local housing authorities, to food pantries, to police departments, leaders of faith communities, meals on wheels drivers, and home health aides. The goals are to share best practices, strengthen the provider network, and ultimately, to develop a community-wide response to abuse and neglect.

By tapping into these local networks and forming partnerships, we have begun creating a coordinated and systemic response to elder abuse in each community.

Read more about our efforts in Arlington, Cambridge, Woburn, and Boston.

Community Task Forces

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